The first question to ask yourself if you're ready to hit the road is whether you want that next vehicle to be new or used. At Greentree Toyota, you have both avenues available. Between the updated Toyota lineup and the on and off-brand used selection, you'll have everything you need to either please your desire for style or need to spend less - or both! Most drivers who arrive from New Milford already have a decision made. They know if they have a budget or if they're only interested in the newest Toyota Corolla.

If we've described you, we invite you to turn to our budget-friendly inventory or skip over to our list of the latest 2018 and 2019 Toyota models. If by the off chance you're still deciding if you'd prefer to invest in a brand-new model or save your money by getting something owned previously, we have a few factors that may draw you to one avenue over the other.

  • Vehicle Condition - At Greentree Toyota, we inspect every used vehicle before accepting it, but that doesn't change the fact that a used car is a used car. All these vehicles have been driven previously and have premade mileage. If you want a shiny, never-been-owned vehicle, your best bet is with our new Toyota inventory.
  • Your Price - In addition to paying less for used, drivers between Carmel and Carmel Hamlet will dodge the bullet of depreciation that every new car, truck and SUV experiences. However, you can lease and move between the latest Toyota models every couple of years if you enjoy the thrill of new technology.
  • Model Diversity - Shopping used will present you with a higher variety because of the range of years and makes that every used car dealership has. Since we accept trade-in models, we will have more to choose from outside our exclusive Toyota cars, trucks and SUVs from our new inventory.

These three factors are the primary differences between buying new and used. The deciding factor that thrusts a Danbury driver in one direction over the other is if they're browsing on a budget. If that's you, let your spending limit be your compass in our used inventory. If you're attracted to the modern amenities and like being behind the wheel of the newest Toyota RAV4, we offer just that for drivers like you. So, do you know which avenue sounds like you?